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Sure we are having the best offers available already?

The first stage of our auditing process is to carry out the commercial output "Digital Health Test" This will give you an idea of where you're doing market monitoring. Although at the outset sometimes cynical, clients who have seen the results of our metrics being audited often continue to use us to make sure they are constantly improving year on year.

Customers who are not audited rely on what their organization tells them, and have only historical experience to track results.

Isn't this still our Advertising Agency doing for us?

Variation occurs when operating with a marketing agency as they handle their market by brokering agreements on amount of investment by acquiring and positioning high-performance positions. But they do need to take inventory of lower quality to round off the sales. This puts our consumers in a better position because they already know what they need to be accomplishing against the market.

Thus any additional distribution by agreement appears to go to the consumers of Freddy & Max Media Audits because they already have goals in place and the firm is contracted to fulfill those guarantees.

What kind of savings will we be trying to achieve?

We look to save 20-30 per cent on your media on average.

What if we are already overstepping the market?

The audit results give advertisers peace of mind that they work successfully in their agency or in house team. In our experience consumers who monitor beyond the market also have a clear appetite for change and our personalized metrics not only keep them up-to-date with the industry averages, but also ensure that measurable gains occur by using Freddy & Max Media Audits.

We will also be helping advertisers continue to lift the benchmark and make year after year changes.

Will that affect our good relationship with our agency?

We are not causing any problems with your media business. In reality, to produce the best possible outcomes, we are proud to build an inclusive partnership with both client and agency. Most companies are well versed in the audit process and if, for example, we audited your advertising spending and found that you were more costly than the average, the agency will look to change the price next time.

The audits take into account a wide variety of factors such as advance scheduling, negotiating skills and business dynamics to give you a fair and accurate image of agency results. We will also assist you in setting goals for potential projects that the agency is obligated to meet by contract.

Why needs media auditing?

Media rates are continually changing, and the difference can be considerable in what media owners charge for space. One advertiser could pay $500 for one page, and $1,800 for exactly the same page. Our advertising analysis determines where the average is, and how best offers are open to you.

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